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Knight Captain, New Cover for Lady Knight, and More!

Hello everyone!

Work on Knight Captain, book two of The Knight Case, is well underway! The book is about 15% done so far, and this post will be showing up before days 6 and 7 of working on it. I've also got a blurb about the book. It's subject to revision in the future, but for now I'm excited to share at least this much with everyone:
The events that transpired on Earth have passed, and a relative return to peace has come over Draeca. Friends have been put to rest, romances have blossomed, and the traitor magician Mathias has been brought into custody. Lady Athana Marjoya is continuing the work started by the treacherous magician turned hero Marek to discover a safer way to create new magicians. The Knight Sanet is healed from his wounds sustained during the invasion of Earth, and the Knight Albidor is happy to be gone from the place. Trade is prospering, the people are happy, and things couldn’t seem to be going better.
But Knight Captain Emil Rouland is not having a good month. The King of Draeca is dying. Dragons have been spotted to the west. His bride-to-be, Sabine, has been “kidnapped” by Lady Athana for what will be the most intense training regimen the young servant girl has ever experienced. He’s been forced to stay in the capital city while a squad of his Knights goes to investigate the rumors of dragons. The reason? Well, that’s just the icing on the cake: He’s going to be crowned as the King’s heir, a position he neither wants nor expects to receive. Through it all, he’ll be expected to contend with the nobility and their games, the schemes of the King, the destruction of cities, and the death of close friends. And somehow, he’s going to have to defend his beloved home against a siege unlike any he or anyone in Draeca has ever seen. Never mind that an upheaval and restructuring is threatening the magicians, one of the most valuable resources at his disposal. 
I'm very excited for this addition to The Knight Case, and I believe it will be even better than Lady Knight, though perhaps that's just my optimism showing.

In Lady Knight news, I've decided to work with a friend of mine and extremely talented illustrator, Ruben G. Ramos, to get a proper cover for the book. While I don't have anything to show yet, we've set a deadline for the end of March to have the cover complete. You can check out some of his work here:

In the meantime, I'm going to be working on several revisions for Lady Knight. I just recently re-read the book again, and I found a few inconsistencies that I'm not too happy with. One of the many benefits of self-publishing: I can submit revisions at any time!

Now, a while back on Facebook I posted a teaser for another project I'm working on that I've tentatively titled Prophecy Twelve. While I'm not prepared to post a blurb about it, I do have the basic idea.
Prophecy Twelve takes place in Pond, a fantasy world of my own design. Pond is a world that, unlike Draeca from The Knight Case, is so heavily influenced by magic that they've begun to utilize magic in a way indistinguishable from technology. Prophecy Twelve focuses on Choralum Nikolaos Filius Kleon, a priest of the primary religion in Pond as he works to explain the coming of one of the Creator's nineteen prophecies. He'll face internal struggle within the church, old foes, and the potential destruction of everything he knows and loves.
This project is on the backburner right now, but I do want to at least give people a taste of what's to come for that book. I expect it to be the longest novel I've written, and it will likely fall solidly into the "Epic Fantasy" category. I do not currently have plans for it to be part of a series.

And with that, I'm off to continue working on Knight Captain.

Thanks for reading!



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Thanks for reading!


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 Thanks for reading, and your patience!